Wagyu Ribeye MB.4-5 (per 300g)

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Westholme Australian Wagyu Striploin MB.4-5, MSA certified


RIBEYE Westholme (Wagyu), MSA certified naturally raised premium quality hormones free wagyu beef from Australia. Cattle are fed with grains such as sorghum, corn, barley, beans and sesame. Beef is wet-aged to give the meat a rich and tender flavour. Nowadays, wagyu is considered as the most popular beef among meat-eaters. A perfect combination of two beef cattle breed (Black Tajima and Black Angus) creates a tenderness of wagyu and intense taste of Angus in the meat. Cattle are raised from a farm that meets the standards of the oldest farm in Australia. We guarantee that Westholme (Wagyu) beef will make the most remarkable and memorable experience of dining.


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